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Ahhh, Joint Ventures.  Like the elusive Sasquatch….we’ve heard they are out there, but no one seems to be able to tell us where.

We’ve heard people say that the first couple were the hardest and after that, its “easy”.  People will start offering you money left right and center.  Really?????  Seems tough to believe….

As true for us as it has been for others before and after us, it really does work.  The first few feel like you are walking around blind, stumbling in the dark, reaching for whatever there might be to hold on to.  It’s uncomfortable and its discouraging. Walk with me on this journey in a dark room for a minute though…blindly you walk, hands out in front of you, waving indiscriminately, but then, you get something to hold on to…your “aimless wandering” has paid off a bit.  The next time you go into the same dark, open room, you remember what general direction to head and sooner than last time, you find something to hold on to….and so it goes.  Yes, you are walking around with no focus, no plan, no positive feedback for all your effort….but then, out of the dark, comes an opportunity and when you grab it and hold, the next and the next and the next get easier and easier. So it goes for finding JV Partners.  It feels like aimless effort but it will happen if you keep looking.

We have seen it ourselves and we have helped many of our clients through the process…in what has now come to be called our Ditch the Pitch and Seal the Deal Programs…

It started by accident…we noticed our clients could get JV meetings but the meeting didn’t end up in a deal.  We couldn’t understand why.  These were people that we ourselves would invest with.  Smart investors that had purchased properties for themselves, had proven systems, we had seen them make smart decisions,  followed through when we requested things from them…these were great investors that any money partner would be lucky to have as working partners…yet there weren’t many bites. We needed to know why.

So we started inviting our clients to pitch to us, as if we were potential JV partners.  Right away, we knew we were on to something.  We had some “pitches” that had us wanting to get out our chequebooks…and then some that blew our minds…Our confident, smart, knowledgeable clients often turned into nervous, rambling, hyper, socially inept aliens…and we knew right away what was going wrong.

Please follow the links below and read our blogs about Joint Venturing.  Then watch the videos below of presentations we’ve done showing others how to get going in finding JV Partners.  It has worked time and again…

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