How we increased our cashflow on this long held property, without spending a penny…

We bought this property just steps from the river valley trail system, back in 2007.  Now back then, Oil was booming and lucky us, this property was just a few minutes drive from very well paid oil and gas jobs.  So thats where we centered our advertising…and 10+ years later, we would pretty much use the same ad.  What we hadn’t taken note of was that though this property has always been just steps away from the river valley, since buying it, some major improvements have come to that river valley.

The city has focused on making our trail system world class and there is now an extensive trail system, an off leash park, a lake that has had fire pits and picnic tables added in (none of this was there when we bought it, it was all “coming soon”)….all these amazing amenities, yet our advertising was still centered around what had been the highlights 10 years ago!

It wasn’t until I brought my little nieces on a pre move out inspection with me (poor babies had whooping cough and had been housebound for weeks, don’t worry, the contagious part had passed) and we decided to have a “picnic”, that I saw this whole active community thriving.  So, out with the old and in with the new advertising.

We updated the pictures, focusing on the lifestyle benefits of living there and the phones started ringing!! And thats it…thats all we did.