In this episode, Corey talks about what makes a great investment focused realtor and how you can find the best one for you.

Originally aired on 102.7fm in Thunder Bay in early December 2016:

Key Takeaways:

– Hold, potentially never sell and have the mortgages paid off and the cash flow just increases.
– Why you want a great realtor on your team
– To get some of the really good deals out there, you want to be working with an investor focused realtor.
– How is an investment focused realtor different from a regular realtor?…Knowledge of the rental market and knowledge of what drives that market.
– If you want an investment focused realtor, make sure they are an investor themselves.
– How to find an investor focused realtor.
– When a great property hits the market, you don’t have all day to make a decision.
– How to be a great client for your realtor….Great communication and be ready.
– If you say you’re going to be ready, you need to be ready.
– What you need to do before you start looking at property.


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Ep. 068 – How to Find an Investor Focused Realtor, with Corey Young