**So excited to let you know that these one-on-one coaching programs have now been turned into ONLINE COURSES!**

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 Joint Venture JumpStart 1.0


Level I – JV Preparedness program

Our first tier of training is called the JV Preparedness program and includes training on such topics as building credibility, backup documentation, goal setting, next actions, and your presentation skills in presenting opportunities to those you are looking at going into business with.

This is mostly a self-directed course and it is up to you, the program registrant, to complete any assignments.  These assignments will be critiqued and once a week, we will follow up by email to address any questions or concerns you have from that week.  Twice a month there will be a phone call scheduled to deal with any issues, questions, problems or to do some brainstorming together.

This course has a maximum duration of 90 days from date of signup and payment.  The cost for this option is $2500.00 and $495.00 for a spouse.

InvestorOnFire is made up of investors who have themselves had to go out and get JV partners.  Some of us have bought over 100 properties, with JV money, some of us 20, some of us are just a year in and have gotten 5 partners within this last year.  We’ve been in your shoes and can help you move through the process easier than we did. We are teaching what actually works, not what sounds good on paper.

Level II: JV Implementation Program

This program covers the topics included in the first program, JV Preparedness such as building credibility, backup documentation, goal setting, next actions and your presentation.  As well, this program goes more in depth and also includes training and information on the following subjects such as advertising, negotiation skills, structuring joint venture deals, reporting and other information needed to managing the JV for the long term.

This is mostly an in the trenches, hands on program and also includes us fully walking you through a deal of your own from beginning to end.  Emails will be going back and forth with advice available on the fly, right as questions or other things come up.

This course has a maximum duration of 120 days from the date of signup and payment.  The cost for this option is $5000.00.

Basically we hold your hand until you get a JV partner. That means we will not only put you through our program of refining your presentation but of refining any and everything that you need to, in order to get that partner on board.

Along the way, little tips and tricks that we’ve learned through our own investing as well as our clients that we have coached…things like how to actually get paid by your JV partner (more than recovering your coaching fees), how to know when to walk away, when to call or email and when to make a personal visit and much more.

This is a more customized approach that if accepted and followed through by you, will mean more JV partners and money than you know what to do with.  Obviously, some restrictions do apply within reason, but we are committed to making you a money magnet.