Oh our newbies…how we remember what it feels like!

Back in 2003 we sat in our first Real Estate Investment Seminar, completely overwhelmed.   Even though we’d already done some investing on our own, and had a basic understanding, it still felt so stifling…we couldn’t imagine how we were going to get to where we wanted to be.  With a successful business under our belt and our belief in setting up and following systems, we certainly had a good foundation to get going  – but we sat there in almost a stunned silence, feeling out of our element.

People are always amazed (and relieved, we hope) that it took us about 6 months to make a move and get our next investment property, and another 9 months after that to get one more.  It felt so slow! Like spinning our tires…lots of work but ‘little’ progress. Before we knew it though, we had 5 properties and more importantly, the confidence and clarity to know we could really reach our dreams, through real estate.  Once we had the confidence, the sky was the limit.

Fast forward a few years and we’ve invested in over 100 properties, 40+ of which are long term holds.  So for everyone just getting started, know that every single successful investor started exactly where you are right now;  Scared and overwhelmed but with a willingness to put the work in. Just don’t give up.  Keep going, no matter how slow it feels.

If you are willing to LISTEN, learn and APPLY everything you hear, you will make it.  If someone who is successful tells you to buy yellow file folders to put your property info into and red ones for your tenant info, DO IT!  Don’t buy pink and purple, buy yellow and red.  Don’t re create the wheel – just copy it!

Once you’ve made the decision to buy in a certain city, and you or your JV partner are pre-positioned (the qualification process for an investment property) for a mortgage, (we can refer great brokers), your Realtor is the final piece of the puzzle.

Providing great income properties for both your pocket book and for your ease of attracting and renting to good tenants, is our specialty!

Every InvestorOnFire Preferred Realtor is an investor themselves.   They’ve felt the fear, the excitement, the doubt, the overwhelm… and the satisfaction.  They’ve made the mistakes that you won’t have to with their guidance and they are passionate about teaching others. With a team like that behind you, you can be confident in moving forward.

So go out there and ‘keep walking’, everyday  putting one foot in front of the other and taking steps to move you toward your goals and dreams.  Don’t get stuck in Analysis Paralysis, but do your Due Diligence.  Most important, ‘Leap and the Net will Appear’.  There’s no better teacher than mistakes and getting your hands dirty.  When you have a good team behind you, those mistakes are not nearly as scary.

So just start digging in the dirt – you’ll find some worms but you’ll also grow beautiful things….

Happy Investing!