Hover over any province on the map for a quick glance at current and year-ago price levels.  Although not displayed on the map, national and major market data are also available using the drop-down menus.  Use the drop-down selection menus below the map to view detailed information and compare two areas.

Investor Life Tip #1 – Remember that this data that is collected is past data. That means it is showing trends in the past. That is not always a predictor of the future. When making real estate decisions, whether to buy or sell in a particular market, it is good to consider past performance, but past performance is not always an indicator of future performance.

Investor Life Tip #2 – Remember that although the averages may be up or down in a particular province doesn’t mean all cities, towns or neighborhoods in that province are up or down at the same percentages.  That goes for statistics in a city can vary widely even in neighborhoods and believe it or not, even on one side of a street to another!  So use these statistics as just a basic overiew of trends happening in a particular region and make sure to ask your Investor Life Preferred Realtor to advise you on current market conditions where you are buying or selling.


This map displays the latest statistics for major markets and provinces across Canada, compiled from reports provided by real estate Boards and Associations on activity over their MLS® Systems.