When we started out in Joint Venture Investing, by far our biggest hurdle was knowing how to talk to people about investing with us.  Essentially, you are asking people to trust you with their had earned money…and its not an easy subject to broach.

  • How do you ask people for money? Without being too forceful, or too passive?
  • How much information to leave with them – what was too much and would overwhelm, vs too little and not build trust?
  • How long should my presentation to them be?

Oh, we had SO many questions!

We had to find out the long way by trial and error.  Lucky you, we’ve now pieced everything that we learned along the way, into a concise, online course.  It is not a long course, you can get through it fairly quickly!

The worksheets and videos WILL save you time and effort (we did over 100 in person presentations to learn what worked and what didn’t).

We keep saying the course is done then think of more we can include…but we are finally coming to the end of the additions and are super excited to be launching in the next few weeks.

We will have launch discounts, add your info to the form to receive more information as well as the early bird discount when we do launch. And don’t worry, this doesn’t commit you to anything 🙂


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