Feeling like this guy?

Investing in Real Estate puts you back in the drivers seat of your future and that of your loved ones. Is it easy?

Not a chance, is it worth it? No question. Unless you want to spend the rest of your life frustrated and running after buses…


Knowing where to start is the biggest hurdle most investors will see.  We’ve all heard the “definition of insanity”…doing the same things over and over but expecting a different result.

We have to change our actions if we want to change our results.

Its scary but with a team behind you, there is nothing that can come up that either hasn’t been seen before, or can’t be figured out with a few brains working together.  Rely on your team. Get to know them, learn to trust them and then take incremental steps to lead you to your goal, each day.

That might be reading a book or taking a course to get your confidence up, analyzing properties and sending your take on it to your team to gain confidence in your ability to see what you need to, meet your property managers, mortgage brokers, Realtors(r), take those steps toward a refinance or an extra job or whatever will get you the cash to buy that property…but do something everyday and before you know it, Property #1 will be a memory and the only concern you will have is why you didn’t do it sooner!