Our human brains are pretty amazing…we can trick ourselves into thinking things that aren’t even real – anyone had this experience? How about in real estate?

One of my first times attending an event, I met a lady that was super helpful, bubbly, willing to answer any questions that anyone had, and had been in investing circles for years.  I saw her everywhere I went, definite social butterfly.  She’d been a member of a group I had joined for about 5 years by the time I met her.  Fantastic lady, so knowledgeable, so insightful, had an answer for any question. But there was a problem that I found out later.

She didn’t own any properties.

I guess I just assumed that since she had so much knowledge, she MUST be an investor.  But alas, I was wrong.  She knew all the right answers from studying the cousework, listening to the speakers and learning from other investors, but she had no first hand experience at all.

Now call me crazy but I would never pay $12,500 for a membership to a group, and then not buy a property.  But she taught me a valuable lesson.  See when I found out she had no properties, after knowing her for a couple of years, I asked her why.  Her answer?

She kept finding new strategies she was exploring and hadn’t decided which one to use yet.

In other words, she just kept learning.  And an enthusiastic learner she was!  She knew every detail of every real estate strategy known to mankind I’m sure.  She spoke of how busy she was, taking courses and seminars, and meeting up with other investors  a few times a month.  Yes, like she said, it had become more than a full time job for and she was always running.

For nothing.

Her bank account had not grown – and in fact had depleted.  She had a partner that made very good money and took care of their living so she didn’t income, but even so, so far, all real estate had done for her was take money and time AWAY – the exact opposite of what most investors are looking for!

Whats our lesson; well, through the years we’ve met many similar fantastic, yet stalled, people.

They get so wrapped up in the ‘learning’ process, that they never make it to the ‘action’ process.

Looking from the outside, its easy to see that inaction in 5+ years is crazy, but from the inside, you could tell, she spoke and acted like she was accomplishing things – she was very very busy in investing circles.  Maybe she had hidden fears holding her back (though she certainly seemed confident, even teaching and coaching others), maybe she was comfortable, maybe she was just oblivious to her own reality, I don’t know.

What I do know is she didn’t change her life or the life of those around her.  She was exactly where she had been, 5 years prior.

Many of us get comfortable and don’t notice when time passes by, and some of us are comfortable and DO notice when time passes us by, and feel anxiety ridden by it, yet find ourselves in this perpetual circle.

Whether we call it analysis paralysis or fear, or disorganized, doesn’t matter. What matters is that we break the cycle of inaction.

What has worked for many is simply setting a date.

For some of our coaching clients, we’ve come to acknowledge (can’t fix if you don’t first acknowledge) that they have a bit of a cycle building and will find any and every excuse in the book to keep it perpertuating, because they are comfortable.

Setting a date allows them to revel in the comfort, cram in all the knowledge or build up all the confidence  or whatever other hole they were trying to fill, but at that final date.  It was go time.

No excuses, they switched from gathering mode, to action mode and moved forward, ready or not.

Its so interesting to see too how just having a date, helps us make decisions that support that date, all along.  Even if we aren’t aware.

One example; one client decided to take a Rent To Own course about a month before their date was approaching. Once they realized that they couldn’t finish they course before they had to act, they decided not to take the course….which would have had them distracted for another three months.

So set a date.  30 days, 90 days, 180 days – only you know what will fit you and your needs.  But once that date hits.  Its go time.

No more learning OTHER THAN your next step.  Now your learning will be based on your next one step.  Not three, not five, one. ONLY AS NEEDED.

So whats your date?

This date is your date with destiny.

It can be the difference between you reaching your dreams, or not reaching them.

Its go time.