” I have developed a complete trust in Corey and his team …” John H., Investor, Toronto, ON

Being from Ontario , investing in the Edmonton area requires us to use extremely competent REALTOR services based on trust and reliability .   From the moment Corey and I first met we both came to the table very committed to meet each-others expectations of our business relationship. Since then , I have developed a complete trust in Corey and his team for helping me grow my Real Estate portfolio in and around Edmonton . He not only provides us with top quality REALTOR services but has been very helpful in creating a great real estate team and system for buying and maintaining properties in the area . Buying properties with Corey is now only a phone call away for me.

” Wants me to succeed before he thinks of his commission…” Paul G., Investor, Fort McMurray, AB

Corey is, of course, a REALTOR that takes commissions for his own profit but I have felt that he has my interests at heart first. I feel that he wants me to succeed before he thinks of his commission. Which is why I would recommend him for any investor or regular home buyer over other REALTORS. I am happy to answer any questions personally you have about Corey. Just send me an email at paulgillanders@yahoo.ca and I will gladly confirm why Corey is your best choice.

” We appreciate your professionalism and expertise…” Gary and Lilla L., Investors, New Westminster,BC

We wanted to thank you for being instrumental in finding our second property and for your facilitating the entire experience. We appreciate your professionalism and expertise. The property is now rented and cash-flowing very nicely!

“Able to Bridge Gap Between The Theory and the Practical” Ron D., Investor, British Columbia

For anybody looking to find a REALTOR to help them with their real estate investments…..Corey is who you are looking for. I am new to REIN and real estate investing and Corey was just the type of REALTOR I was looking for.  He was able to bridge the gap between the theory and the practical. He is knowledgeable and his personal investments shows he walks the talk. He helped me from start to finish.  I highly recommend him.

“Absolutely no way we would have purchased this house in a matter of a few days without you.” Jane L., Investor, Toronto,ON

Warren, Corey and team,
Thank you very much … for the incredible guidance you provided … I am reading, “The Little Book of Real Estate Investing in Canada”, and realized there is absolutely no way we would have purchased this house in a matter of a few days without you. To quote Don, “without the team, I’m sunk.”

Hope to see you in Edmonton in the coming months.

“Absolutely Stress Free…Knows the Rules and Systems of REIN” Pam P., Investor, Edmonton, AB

Corey is a valued part of my team with an immense amount of knowledge in the industry through training and personal experience.
He knows the rules and systems of REIN, and what it takes to purchase a solid property based on REIN principals and technology.

I feel Corey is a team member who is as interested in my success as I am and I will use him again in a second. I have complete respect, and admiration for his work and integrity, and I highly recommend him.

“An amazing job of analyzing properties for cash flow” Mark G., Investor, Vancouver, BC

I chose Corey as my REALTOR in Edmonton to assist me with my first investment property purchase. He is very knowledgeable, efficient and great to work with. He did a great job of walking me through the process of my first purchase and answered any questions I had. I gave him the frame work of what I was after (Price range, type of property, area) and within a few hours I had a list of the best properties in my range. Corey does an amazing job of analyzing properties for cash flow and presents out the info using an easy to follow spread sheet. I ended up buying a property in NW Edmonton that was recommended by Corey and after just more than a year it is a great performer that has produced positive cash flow from day 1 and will be part of my portfolio for a long time. Thanks to Corey’s support and hard work I was able to do all of this long distance from my home in Vancouver. Thank you for making my first purchase smooth, enjoyable and exciting.

“As REALTORS who are specialized in investing, they were able to better meet my needs.” Brad R., Investor, Brampton, ON

The biggest advantage of working with the Alberta on Fire Investor Team was their experience…. As REALTORS who are specialized in investing, they were able to better meet my needs. My biggest obstacle was finding / purchasing properties in Canada while living abroad. The AOF Investor team made this a non – issue. The listings I’d received were filtered so everything I’d looked at pretty much met my requirements. It was simply a matter of selecting the best of those to purchase.

“Complicated Deal but They Explained it very well…even to the seller” Brian and Debi J., Homeowners turned Investors

Corey and Tiffany were very helpful when putting our offer together for the purchase of our acreage. It was a complicated deal but they explained it very well to us and even helped the seller to understand the terms of the deal. They were very honest and professional, and we had complete trust in all aspects of our dealings with them. When it came to renting our other home, Tiffany helped write up the ad, recommended what internet site to use and within a couple of days…the house was rented…Corey and Tiffany were very helpful, friendly and professional and had answers to all our questions.Thanx Corey & Tiffany

“Confidence to Move Forward” Trevor and Tara S., Investors, Stony Plain, AB

Corey’s real estate and investment expertise gives my wife and I the confidence to move forward as real estate investors.

Due to his knowledge of the Edmonton and area markets we would recommend Corey to any one of our family or friends for purchasing investment real estate or a principle residence.

Corey and his wife Tiffany have helped us with marketing ideas and due to the fact that they are veteran investors themselves have even advised us on what kind of rental income we can expect in specific areas.

We consider Corey to be an integral part of our team, and look forward to working with him in the future.